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The superior doctor prevents sickness;
the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness;
the inferior doctor treats actual sickness.
- Indian Aryuvedic  Proverb -

Natural Healing, Herbs, Naturopathy, Lifetime Sports, and Indigenous People's Information                       

in Many Countries,  mostly Latin America

and of course, for Better Health and to Feel Good Too..... Eat Seafood         


Our Place, El Salvador  near Zaragoza  Healing Gardens at 700 Meters

   walk past here,  just a little bit, down the path  and you can see the curve of the Earth, on the Rim of The Pacific Ocean 10 Miles away, and see how small we are

some Info to Start.....

Breath Exercises

18 Trix Teach Your Body

How to Slow Down Your Body's Aging

Three Simple Steps to Thin

How to Meditate           INNER SMILE MEDITATION for Healing.

How to Increase Your Metabolism - WikiHow

Religion and Spirituality in the Quest for a Sustainable World

Case for Home Grown Food in a Local Setting

146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health

Caring About Long-Term Care

Systemic Poisoning of Ourselves Chemicals in Environment          STOP Monsanto You Tube Videos Will Blow Your Mind




Safari Seeds Medicinal Herbs

How to Stop Feeling Like Your Life Isn't Good Enough

Dr. Navarro's List {the #1 man for Cancer Treatment Alternatives}

If Mainstream Medicine Really Worked


9 Ingredients to Avoid in Processed Foods

Good habits for Good Sleep




Give Your Mate, Friend, Family Member a Hug and a Kiss, ALWAYS Before You Leave Them  ........It May be the Last Time YOU May See Them



Folks Still Surfing till age 90 ........and,  They Eats Lots of Fish  as Dolphins do.......

REFLEXOLOGY CHART  Massage your Feet Each Hot Bath


Circle Energy Breathing




  Keep Learning, Keep Moving............


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha





Food, Medicine, Fuel, Plastic, Bio-Gas and more


Know That.....


    Whatever, YOUR Religion,          is the same,

                                         Just different Paths in Faith,  Practice and Sublimation,    

                                                                     He/She/It Gave US all Naturally,  What WE Need to Heal Ourselves.

Start With A Smile, Unto Yourself, and Know YOU  have it Better, than Someone Else. Somewhere in The World     



Codex Alimentarius

"Codex Alimentarius" - an oppressive set of law designed to control the world food supply - was cooked up by an ex-Nazi in 1962.

They made cannabis, an important industrial and food plant, illegal.

Now they are on the verge of making ALL plants illegal and /or under corporate control.
It's nothing more or less than a corporate/government
program to criminalize any food or medicine that is not "Codex-approved" i.e. produced and controlled by big agribusiness and the pharmaceutical
industry. And, of course, the mainstream media in the US has done nothing to report on it or educate citizens as to its significance.

We're on track for it to become the law of the land, here in the US, in 2013.

Call and Write YOUR Supposedly Reps. in Legislature   

Wake UP 'sheeples' do not subscribe to any more Propaganda from Those that Do NOT Know

A Diatribe on The Bloodsucking, Self Perpetuating Legal System and Jury Nullification  as lawyers,  nor Judges are NOT needed in a 6/12 person Jury

Majority Diatribe Courtesy of Mr. Randy Wayne White......


Creating a nation of zombies

People used to eat relatively unadulterated
food and drink relatively pure water.

"Exercise" happened naturally in the course
of living.

We can survive the banking crisis, but I'm not
sure we can survive the societal imposed health

 I can heal you, NOT cure you with food.

 Case Study in soon to be 'Healing Seniors With Food' Cook Book. With LOTS of Color Nice photos.

If Interested send a $2  bill and a self addressed stamped Envelope to me here in Myrtle Beach for a preview.

 I will also send you some organic Mexican Sunflower seeds that make a great screen also for your deck or patio and bright orange flowers for your kitchen table.

Michael Johnson

P O Box 9

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480


Sustainable Caught Seafood from Latin America


Along with and Fair Trade Fish Helping to Fish More Sustainably and Efficiently for The FUTURE


Typical diet not best for mothers and babies - “Eat more fish” is expert advice

Diets high in red meat and low in fish may pose a risk to optimum brain development in babies.

Canadian scientists say new research shows the typical North American diet of eating lots of meat and not much fish is deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids and this may pose a risk to infant neurological development.

The scientists announced their results last Friday, saying: “This discovery is an important step towards developing dietary fat guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women.”

“Omega 3 fatty acids are important for the baby’s developing eyes and brain,” said Dr. Sheila Innis, the study’s principal investigator, head of the nutrition and metabolism program at the Child & Family Research Institute at British Columbia Children’s Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia.

“During pregnancy and breastfeeding, fat consumed by the mum is transferred to the developing baby and breastfed infant, and this fat is important for the baby’s developing organs. Our next task is to find out why the typical North American diet puts mothers at risk. Then we can develop dietary recommendations to help women consume a nutritious diet that promotes optimal health for mums and babies.”

The researchers found women who ate lots of meat and little fish were deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, and their babies did not do as well on eye tests as babies from mothers who were not deficient. The results were noticeable as early as two months of age. The study is ongoing, as the researchers intend to follow the children’s development until four years of age.

Mr Roy Palmer, the Australian link in Seafood Services Australia’s Global Seafood Health Network, a worldwide network researching and communicating information on the health benefits of seafood, said the results could also be applied in Australia, given the similarities between typical diets here and in North America.

Mr Palmer said “the Australian Government and health agencies should take note of the findings of the Canadian study, given the importance of healthy eating, especially in mothers and babies, and the increasing recognition of preventative health care required to reduce chronic health conditions affecting Australians of all ages.

And Dr Innis’ final word on the subject: “For better health, it’s important for pregnant and nursing mums – and all of us – to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, eggs, and fish while minimizing consumption of processed and prepared foods.”

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


AND.... Eat some Chiles, breaks down  mucus in the Body through the Endocrine System,    googleit     guy for healing on thee Internet

Herbs Plus Bead Works on You Tube best alchemist on the web, check his podcast... Independenz

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